Your dog may love you very much, but its brain does not remember your face

Have you ever made a video call to the Mao child at home? If they don't respond to you on the screen, will you be disappointed? ! Don't be sad, dogs will be expressionless just because the human face gives too little information and they can't recognize who this person is.

Doggo: I'm very cute but I don't know how to recognize faces!

Do you know? The little dog friends are actually big-face blind, they have obstacles to face recognition! Because in their brains, there is no mechanism designed to distinguish the front and back of the head; in other words, even if you are masked or facing it, it can recognize who you are. In its eyes, your face and the back of the head are basically the same.

Roland University in Hungary did a study. They studied the brain activity phenomena of dogs and humans when they saw videos of the front and back of human faces. Research has found that for humans, whether they can recognize each other and whether they see their faces has a significant influence, but for the dog friends, it is not necessarily. Even if you are as handsome as Takeshi Kaneshiro, they cannot recognize it.

The University of Mexico in Querétaro, Mexico and the University of Roland in Hungary are one of the few research institutions that allow dogs to perform experimental measurements in a awake and unfettered state. They performed MRI on 20 dogs and found that there is no so-called special nervous system in the dog’s brain that is dedicated to identifying the front and back of the human face.

Attila Andics, a co-research scholar at Roland University, said that rather than recognizing faces, dog friends rely more on the information revealed by sniffing and body movements. For the dog friends, identifying relatives and family members mainly rely on chemical signals (such as taste) and sounds.

Can't recognize the face, but can understand the face

But do dogs really fail to understand their faces because they are blind? Well, not exactly.

Although the research report does prove that there is no relevant neural network in the dog’s brain, in the process of domestication for thousands of years, dogs have learned how to "look at human faces" and even "look at faces" to recognize them Who is the owner.

Dogs have actually learned to understand human emotions, which is why they can be small partners to soothe the soul when people are sad, and when it disrupts, you raise the pitch or volume, they can also understand whether they have done something or not. Good thing.

But scientists believe that dogs can recognize people they know, not so-called "face recognition" as you and I know, but they will pay attention to the details of the face, just like humans will pay attention to the details of each other to deepen their understanding of someone The memory of a specific object (perhaps in the dog's mind, you are not called Nangang Kinjo Takeshi, but the owner of Deep Eyes and Big Nose Baby).

Researchers are currently working on how dogs and humans process the visual information when they see body parts and daily necessities in the brain; whether dogs can develop new neural networks for the effects of living with people Research is also about to start.